The Home of Defender Clutches

Welcome to LOF Clutches, the only website dedicated to Long Life and Performance Land Rover clutches. LOF Clutches is brought to you by the designer Luke Fitzsimons. As with everything we do you’ll find our Defender, Discovery, Range Rover and Series clutches are of an extremely high quality, whilst being affordable. Designed Specifically for the Tdi TD5 and Tdci Engines, to be Heavy duty but still light weight

We have 3 different specification grades to cater to all applications from daily driver to all out race beasts!

  • ROADspec

The ROADspec is designed specifically for your Daily road going truck. If you do a bit of towing now and then, perhaps some light green laning or just use your truck as your commuter then the Stage1 spec has everything you need to keep you going for years to come. It’ll even take mildly tuned motors that have a little extra poke than standard!

  • POWERspec

The POWERspec is the next stage up, ideal if you use your Land Rover as a work horse. If you tow regularly or carry any extra weight like expedition trucks do then this is the spec for you. It’ll handle highly tuned road monsters or hard worked off-roaders all day long. If you want reliability and drivability from your mapped motor the POWERspec will keep you moving forward!                    *POWERpec includes the HD EXTREMEspec Bearing*

  • EXTREMEspec

The EXTREMEspec – The Ultimate in Land Rover Clutches!  This work of art will take everything you can throw at it, from big power to harsh conditions. Whether you’ve got a high power work monster to an all out race beast the EXTREMEspec will take everything you can put in front of it. Don’t be mistake though, you’ll still have real drivability too. No bad behaviour just tough, unbeatable strength and reliability!                                                                                              *The EXTREMEspec Includes: HD EXTREMEspec Bearing and the Ultimate Kevlar Lining!*

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