POWERspec TD5 Solid Mass Flywheel Kit

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The POWERspec Heavy duty TD5 solid mass flywheel kit is designed to fit all Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 (98-04) and Defender TD5 (98-06) 90/110/130 Vehicles. This single mass kit is very popular as it works out cheaper than fitting a new dual mass flywheel, and is more reliable + Longer lasting. The POWERspec version is ideal for working trucks that are towing, green laning, off roading or working trucks.

The famous LOF SMF kit requires NO modification to the vehicle, it simply bolts onto the crank, and is supplied with new flywheel bolts.

This kit comes complete with HD friction plate, Uprated clutch cover, Heavy duty FTC5200 release bearing, TD5 Spigot bush, Clutch fork bush, fasteners and grease.




POWERspec TD5 Solid Mass Flywheel kit

Perfect for vehicles with a Stage2 map/ 450NM / 200 BHP

  • LOF HD Friction Material
  • 1x 3 stage pre-dampened sprung driven plate
  • 1x LOF Solid flywheel
  • 1x LOF TD5 Clutch cover
  • 1x LOF EXTREMEspec HD Release bearing
  • 1x G90 High Temp Assembly Grease
  • 6x Clutch Cover Bolts
  • 1x CNC Wire formed anti-rattle wire spring clip
  • 1x CNC Wire formed Pushrod clip
  • 1x Spigot bush OEM
  • 1x Fork bush OEM
  • 8x Flywheel bolts
  • Pedal Weight no Heavier than original


LOF Clutches has worked to develop the best Solid Mass Flywheel kit for the Td5 Discovery and Defender. We have engineered this product to give no nasty vibration which is a first on the Land Rover Td5 market!

The LOF Solid mass flywheel kit has been in testing for the last 12 months before release, having being tested by some of the Uk and Europe’s most highly regarded Independent Land Rover Specialists, you can rest assured that this is the best solution on the market to fix a worn out Valeo dual mass flywheel!

What makes our Solid Mass Clutch kit so different?

  • Our LOF flywheel is the exact same weight as the original Dual Mass Flywheel.
  • The LOF Sprung centre has been designed to match the dampening as given by the original Valeo dual mass flywheel.
  • LOF flywheel will allow the use of a standard length release bearing, including our EXTREMEspec heavy duty release bearing!
  • This solid mass clutch kit uses our LOF Td5 clutch kit, giving you the highest quality components without compromise.
  • Cheaper than a Valeo / LUK Dual mass flywheel
  • More reliable than the original DMF / Lasts a lifetime!Want a complete kit even cheaper? Check out our ROADspec SMF kit for Td5!

We have tested these clutch kits using vehicles remapped by the following tuning companies, all with great success and widely accepted as the best solution by Land Rover re-mappers worldwide!    ALIVE TUNINGSTORM TUNING, EMPIRE TUNING, TD5 INSIDE

The POWERspec is the next stage up, ideal if you use your Land Rover as a work horse. If you tow regularly or carry any extra weight like expedition trucks do then this is the spec for you. It’ll handle highly tuned road monsters or hard worked off-roaders all day long. If you want reliability and drivability from your mapped motor the POWERspec will keep you moving forward!     (Pedal Weight not noticeably Heavier than original)

Should I use a Single mass flywheel in my TD5? Pro’s and Con’s:

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Weight 31 kg

11 reviews for POWERspec TD5 Solid Mass Flywheel Kit

  1. Martin Howdle

    Solid flywheel kit fitted to my 110 TD5. Totally transformed the driving/gear change. Highly recommended especially at that price.

  2. Ste Booth

    I would highly recommend LOF clutches.

    Luke is incredibly helpful and offers a incredibly speedy service!

    Items are top quality. Could really tell the huge difference between the heavy duty release bearing and the old one I removed. Nearly 3x the weight!

    And also the clutch itself is amazing.

    Highly recommend!

  3. John Baxter

    What can I say about luke and his clutches that hasn’t already been said? not a lot but I can reiterate what’s already been said in that he’s a sound guy to deal with and the clutch kit is 2nd to none.
    completely transformed the drive of the car, clutch pedal is unbelievably light for it being a HD clutch and you can just tell it’s a quality bit of kit when you’re looking at it and handling it.

  4. Dan Lockyer

    What can i say Great customer service very fast delivery to Western Australia and a man of his word
    What a top quality clutch and flywheel kit

  5. Cameron Merryfield

    Will not find any better product or customer service on the market regarding Land Rover clutch set ups!! Luke couldn’t do anymore if he tried to ensure you received optimum customer satisfaction. Top bloke and top product….. enough said!!!

  6. William Beets

    Great product and expert advice given by Luke

  7. George Jeffcoate

    Top service and Luke is a great knowledgeable person fitted the power spring 5 minutes of my life I’m not getting back after fitting my new lof Td5 smf Conversion

  8. Aaron Dewey

    Finally got round to fitting my power spec clutch and solid flywheel to my D2, what a differences it has made, the car drives so much better, very happy with the service and product , highly recommended

  9. Andrew Robert Howden

    Did the clutch in my 110 td5 and was pretty amazed with delivery speed and quality of all the items. The kit was very fine tuned for doing a clutch change. BTW the single mass flywheel works a treat!!

  10. Neale Ford

    Purchased a clutch kit for my Disco Td5 earlier this year. Straight out of the box it’s pretty obvious it’s a quality product. Almost pretty enough to hang on the wall! Now I have the mechanical competence of a packet of crisps (ready salted), so I took it to my local LR specialist for fitting. They were extremely impressed with the overall quality. And since then it’s been a pleasure to change gear! Smooth as silk and tough as old boots. Can’t recommend LOF highly enough!

  11. mathiasbaur1991 (verified owner)

    Ich habe das POWERspec Kit an meinem 110 TD5 montiert. Ein grosses Dankeschön an LUKE der Service und die Qualität ist Top. Auch die Produkte wurden schnell geliefert.
    Würde wider bei L.O.F bestellen 🙂 Alle Infos zur Montage findet man auf Youtube.
    (I mounted the POWERspec kit on my 110 TD5. A big thank you to LUKE the service and the quality is top. The products were also delivered quickly.
    Would order again from L.O.F 🙂 You can find all information about assembly on Youtube.)

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