The Technical Bit


You’re probably wondering what make LOF clutches so unique and so much better than any other clutch available on the market to date. As with all of our products we’ve applied the usual requirements of high quality parts and machining, value for money and fantastic pre and post sale customer service.

Developing our clutch range wasn’t quick or easy, and it took a lot of genuine hard work, research and lots of testing. We worked closely with two massive drivetrain companies here in the UK to help us fine tune our clutch kits. We’re very confident that with the amount of experience, knowledge and quality parts that are in our clutches you’ll have the best product available to you right here.

Here’s the technical bit:

Heavy Duty TUFF Friction – Our Custom Recipe Organic Composite Friction

Our organic friction material as fitted to both our ROADspec and POWERspec clutch kits is the highest possible grade of premium organic clutch material available in Europe, perhaps even the world. Our HD-TF was developed with the help of Commercial Clutch heavyweights and Owners of TruckFix Ltd before it ceased trading in late 2016. We’ve used Carl Lambert’s decades of extensive expertise in the clutch industry and added a modern touch to produce arguably the highest grade friction material available.

The Friction is of a woven composite construction rather than lower grade Laminate/Moulded type frictions, giving improved stiffness and wearing capabilities. The woven technique is ideal for preventing Delimitation of the friction face which can quickly lead to serious clutch failure.

Our friction material has been engineered to contain high levels of copper and brass, which gives it the ultimate protection against heat damage and clutch fade. With Burst strengths of over 11,000 RPM, our HDTF is superior to cheaper faces which can begin to break up at as little as 5000 RPM.

EXTREMEspec Kevlar Friction

Our EXTREME spec Kevlar ES-KF is a high performance, high friction, non metallic composite material containing a high percentage of aramid fibre. It can be considered an alternative to sintered metallic materials and offers many advantages,it will withstand high energy inputs, is suitable for both dry and oil-immersed applications. It is not abrasive to the counter material, is silent in operation, it will with stand high pressures. The wear rate is low even at high temperatures.

Clutch Plate Centre Hubs

One of the fundamental reasons clutches fail on high torque applications is due to the centre hubs. On most low quality or mass produced clutches the manufacturers run a ‘coined’ centre hub. This allows them to manufacture various different hubs by pressing the splined section in to the centre hub.

We’ve gone out of our way to resolve this issue by sourcing and in some cases having our own centre hubs manufactured from a single piece. This means they can not separate or spin out. We realise that for a reliable and strong clutch a solid centre hub is a basic requirement, especially with Mapped and Tunes engines that are producing more torque.


The way that OEM manufacturers specced clutches for Land Rover was to work on a maximum torque rating of the engines stated maximum power figures and then add as little as 10% as a load buffer.

Here at LOF Clutches, we know that’s not enough! Therefore through extensive research and development we have designed clutch plates that have maximum Torque of over 40% greater than the standard book value. As can be seen on our torque testing machine, our clutches provide substantially more resistance to highly tuned engines.



Clutch Cover

The Clutch Cover is the simplest component in the clutch kit, We spent a lot of time sourcing the right parts to make a solid Cover. The two main concerns are diaphragm spring load and the shape, quality and material used in the cover. The cover needs to cope with a lot of heat. It needs to be substantial enough to absorb then dissipate the heat. It also needs to be thick enough and have enough material so it doesn’t warp due to the enormous heat involved.

The diaphragm spring needs to have a high enough load rating so that it gives enough clamping force for the job but not so high that it causes strain and stress on the other components in the clutch system. We inspected and tested various clutch cover components to find the characteristic we needed to build our clutches to the highest specification and quality we could.

Custom designed CNC machined parts

We’ve done a lot of work and developed heaps of great parts specifically for our own clutches. From the basic custom rivets, to dampers, forged centres and even our own complete release bearing units. We want to offer the best clutches we can, we’re not building to a price; we’re building to a standard and that means that we cant rely on finding off the shelf components – we need to be able to come up with a top notch solution ourselves.


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