The Revolutionary Kevlar Paddle

The Latest release for 2018! Our EXTREMEspec KEVLAR Paddle clutch, A true engineering revolution. Our new Kevlar Paddle can be driven smoothly with no adverse affects! Unlike paddle kits of old, this clutch has no “Snatch” and can be driven with full control!!

We’ve designed this kit for Vehicles with close to double that of Stock Power,                           (TD5 500NM+, TDI 400NM+, TDCI 500NM+)

By using Modern materials we’ve managed to keep the Same as factory Pedal Weight!

Some Key facts:

  • High Quality Advanced Kevlar Friction buttons
  • Suited to High Torque vehicles
  • High Torque Spring Centre Hubs
  • Land Rover Clutches EXTREMEspec Release Bearing
  • G90 High Temp Assembly Grease
  • CNC Wire formed bearing retaining clip
  • High Tensile Bolt Pack for Clutch Cover
  • Pedal Weight no Heavier than original

This Clutch Kit has taken over a years worth of development and testing, some of our most famous vehicles running this clutch include the TEAM SYNCRO RACING TEAM  ULTRA4 car










Our Kevlar Paddle clutches are aimed at competition vehicles predominantly, whilst the kevlar paddle kit will not wear out quickly, if your are looking to carry out high mileage, an EXTREMEspec full kevlar lining may suit better!

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