EXTREMEspec Kevlar Paddle- TDCI Puma

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The EXTREMEspec Kevlar Paddle – The extra Ultimate in Land Rover Clutches!  This work of art will take everything you can throw at it, from big torque to harsh conditions. Whether you’ve got a high power work monster to an all out race beast the EXTREMEspec Paddle will take everything you can put in front of it. Don’t be mistake though, you’ll still have real driveability too. No bad behaviour just tough, unbeatable strength and reliability! (Pedal no Heavier than standard)

This kit includes the released bearing/concentric slave cylinder unit

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EXTREMEspec  Kevlar Paddle TDCI Puma

  • High Quality Kevlar Friction buttons
  • Suited to vehicles with above 500NM or more
  • High Torque Spring Centre Hub
  • Smooth engagement due to modern materials (No Snatching!)
  • Works in all Climates (No need to “warm up”)
  • G90 High Temp Assembly Grease
  • Updated  GENUINE Concentric Slave Cylinder
  • Original Factory Pedal Weight
  • Designed for race cars/ highly tuned/ ULTRA4/ Winch Challenge/ Comp Safari/ RoadRace/ Trialing.

If you have a 2.4l engine and have not changed to the updated release bearing/slave cylinder then you will need the follow bleed valve and adapter:



*Our Kevlar Paddle clutches are aimed at competition vehicles predominantly, whilst the kevlar paddle kit will not wear out quickly, if your are looking to carry out high mileage, an EXTREMEspec full kevlar lining may suit better!

Kevlar clutches (Extreme-Spec) will require 1000 miles to ‘bed in’. Again harsh throttle openings and excess slipping of the clutch pedal should be avoided! During this time, the material has not reached its final quality, thus slipping can sometimes be expected, please reduce power if slipping occurs and continue to bed in correctly!

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