TD5 POWERspec clutch kit

POWERspec TD5 for Dual Mass

£210.00 Ex

The POWERspec is the next stage up, ideal if you use your Land Rover as a work horse. If you tow regularly or carry any extra weight like expedition trucks do then this is the spec for you. It’ll handle highly tuned road monsters or hard worked off-roaders all day long. If you want reliability and driveability from your mapped motor the POWERspec will keep you moving forward!     (Pedal Weight no Heavier than original)

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POWERspec TD5 for DMF

Perfect for vehicles with a Stage2 map/ 450NM/ 200 BHP

  • LOF HD Friction Material
  • Billet Machined Centre Hub
  • LOF Clutches EXTREMEspec Release Bearing
  • G90 High Temp Assembly Grease
  • Clutch Cover Nyloc Fasteners
  • 1x CNC wire formed anti rattle clip
  • 1x CNC Wire formed Pushrod clip
  • 1x Spigot bush OEM
  • 1x Fork bush OEM
  • Pedal Weight no Heavier than original

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