ROADspec TDI 200/300tdi
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ROADspec TDI 200/300tdi

$205.04 Ex

The ROADspec is designed specifically for your Daily road going truck. If you do a bit of towing now and then, perhaps some light green laning or just use your truck as your commuter then the ROADspec has everything you need to keep you going for years to come. It’ll even take mildly tuned motors that have a little extra poke than standard! (Pedal Weight no Heavier than original)

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  • LOF HD Friction Material
  • High Torque Sprung Centre Hub
  • High Quality NSK Release Bearing
  • G90 High Temp Assembly Grease
  • CNC Wire formed bearing retaining clip
  • CNC Wire formed Pushrod retaining clip
  • High Tensile Bolt Pack for Clutch Cover
  • Pedal Weight no Heavier than original

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Weight 8 kg

3 reviews for ROADspec TDI 200/300tdi

  1. Jensen Foy

    Brilliant clutches and at a very good price considering it will take anything you throw at it!

  2. Chris West

    Massive thank you to Luke for all his help and support .Was having problems with clutch install on my 90, unable to select gears and not knowing what the problem really was, decided on Ashcroft gearbox rebuild to see if that would cure things but in the meantime Luke had already sent me a replacement cover plate (free of charge) on the rare chance that it may have been faulty.Everything installed now a car working fine.Still not convinced that it had anything to do with clutch product. Really cannot recommend LOF clutches enough, Luke obviously goes out of his way to ensure customer satisfaction. All the best Mate.

  3. Tyler Hughes

    Good communication under exceptional circumstances, making for a smoother transaction.

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