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ROADspec 2.2 TD4 Freelander 2, SD4 Range Rover Evoque, SD4 Discovery sport

The ROADspec is designed specifically for your Daily road going truck. If you do a bit of towing now and then, perhaps some light green laning or just use your truck as your commuter then the ROADspec has everything you need to keep you going for years to come. It’ll even take mildly tuned motors that have a little extra poke than standard! (Pedal Weight no Heavier than original)

This kit includes the released bearing/concentric slave cylinder unit

304.84 Ex

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ROADspec clutch for all 3 model variants

  • 565Nm Upgraded clutch kit
  • HD Organic friction material
  • 1x Self adjusting clutch cover (LOF design)
  • 1x 580 Nm Sprung drive plate
  • 1x LOF concentric slave cylinder
  • Fits onto original equipment dual mass flywheel

This clutch kit fits the following models:

  1. TD4 Freelander 2.2L  SD4/TD4/ED4 Engine 2006-2014 (Diesel)

  2. SD4 Range Rover Evoque 2.2L  2011-2015 Both 190PS and 150PS (Diesel)

  3. Discovery Sport 2.2 SD4 2.2L 2014-2015 (Diesel)

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Weight 10 kg