I can not thank luke enough for all the help he given me with my clutch kit the service is top notch I would deffo Recommend to anyone many thanks again luke for all your help bud

Matthew Lawrence Avatar
Matthew Lawrence

Blew my lada clutch up staff at lof managed to identify it as a Suzuki clutch. Clutch kit fitted perfectly. Been using it for the past few weeks with no issues. Would definitely recommend them.

Ollie Davis Avatar
Ollie Davis

Top service again from Luke @lofclutches from ordering Friday afternoon It was in my hands Monday Morning and straight on. Can’t recommend these products enough, do it right first time or don’t do it at all!

Chris Houghton Avatar
Chris Houghton

Big thank you for the support this season from LOF…. The clutch we had to fit to support the new engine has been brilliant. It has handled the 396 ft/lb of torque from my freshly rebuilt Rover 5.2 V8 effortlessly…. Giving a much better degree of confidence of the product compared to the previous supplier… A first in class and 4th Overall at Walters Arena and an outright win at the CDLRC Comp Safari at Thorns cross speak for themselves… Both results since we upgraded to a LOF Clutch… Gary Bulley MD Dartmoor 4x4 Ltd

Gary Bulley Avatar
Gary Bulley

This company should be used as a template for support and service..! Highly recommended! Big ups!

Mathias Davidsen Avatar
Mathias Davidsen

top service and top material. just installed power spec TDCI Puma BUNDLE and MT 82 Output shaft. thanks you L.O.F.

Will Solenthaler Avatar
Will Solenthaler

Excellent customer service! I finally got my LOF clutch installed into my Defender 90. I’m impressed quality of build and I’m looking forward to using it. Would recommend to anyone looking for a replacement clutch for their Land Rover.

Craig Bauman Avatar
Craig Bauman

Recently fitted a LOF single mass flywheel and Power spec to my Td5 so far it's been brilliant was a little bit nervous having seen other makes of single mass flywheels making vehicles unusable but it's brilliant so much smoother on and off road and the clutch pedal feels lighter than it used to hopefully it will last too. The whole kit it comes with is well thought out and the spring clips are a million times better than the land rover parts

Tom Bayford Avatar
Tom Bayford

Just fitted a power spec kit to my 300tdi 127. it's a revelation, the pedal is so much lighter. From unpacking the kit you can just tell it's high quality. I'll never fit a standard clutch to a Landrover again! plus such a speedy dispatch and delivery.

Dave Duggan Avatar
Dave Duggan

Fantastic service from Luke! Had quiet a few bits off him now.. everything got delivered promptly and well packaged! As for the products that I have had they have all been faultless and transformed the way my truck drives, tows and stops. Would/have highly recommend! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ben Hubbard Avatar
Ben Hubbard

Simply the best! Only positiv experience with Luke and his company. If you need a new clutch for your Land Rover - don’t hesitate give Luke a call or a message. He will reply in minutes and you will be a happy customer for sure.

David Spitznagel Avatar
David Spitznagel

I fitted a Powerspring to my 110 around 2 years ago, unfortunately this week the spring snapped. I sent the team a message to see if this was a fault they had experienced before. I had a response in minutes, I was told it was very very unheard of. The original spring made such a difference I was more than happy to purchase a new one, although this was not necessary as they insisted they were going to send me a new one free of charge! Fantastic customer service and an equally fantastic product. Very much appreciated.

Ed Lenaghan Avatar
Ed Lenaghan

Already hhad fitted a lof clutch and today fitted a power master cylinder wow what a difference it made it's like driving a normal car brilliant. highly recomended.

David Iley Avatar
David Iley

Fitted a new Power master cylinder to 200TDi and it makes a massive difference to the clutch. So easy to use now. Luke was really helpful and went out of his way to assist me. Would strongly recommend these guys. Top class service

Mark Tetlow Avatar
Mark Tetlow

fitted the clutch pedal spring over a week ago after a struggle with fitting it I'm very glad that I put up the fight to fit it as its absolutely brilliant and has made the gear change nicer and my clutch control a whole lot better.

Ryan Glenister Avatar
Ryan Glenister

fitted the clutch pedal spring over a week ago after a struggle with fitting it I'm very glad that I put up the fight to fit it as its absolutely brilliant and has made the gear change nicer and my clutch control a whole lot better. update 18/07/2021 have now also fitted the one piece drive shafts and these too are brilliant. My original one only have very minimal wear in them and didn't need changing but i was changing my brakes and thought why not change the shafts whilst the wheels where off. i noticed a difference in the first journey and that was with the old shafts still being in good condition. Hands down to this company very good engineering

Ryan Glenister Avatar
Ryan Glenister

ho acquistato la pompa master per defender. velocissimi e prodotto fantastico. adesso la frizione è morbida. qualità e serietà .. TOP

Giulio Poggianti Avatar
Giulio Poggianti

My clutch went and needed one quickly and Luke did all he could to get a clutch to me. I have had my extreme spec TD5 clutch in for 500 miles now and it handled billing off road shows off road course brilliantly. Very pleased with it.

Kieran Allen Avatar
Kieran Allen

Five star rating for LOF! I needed some guidance and a slight variation to an LOF clutch kit so called Luke and had a chat. He kindly made up a custom kit for me based on what I was using my modified 300tdi for and I received it the next day. Fitted and drove 1700 miles the next week to John O Groats and around Scotland. Absolutely spot on on all the Highland lanes and passes. Thanks Luke and the LOF team!

Tim Siddons Avatar
Tim Siddons

Brilliant service from LOF. High quality Extreme Clutch kit installed recently in Discovery 2 td5 and helpful service from Luke to ensure everything went smoothly. Would highly recommend will use LOF in the future.

Paddy Magee Avatar
Paddy Magee

didn't want to leave a review too early and just go on about how awesome Luke's service is and how he has sent a clutch and a brake set to me on other side of the world in less than a week both times, plus has been incredibly helpful and patient with a couple of n00bie questions I have had... so .... clutch has now done almost 100k Kms and currently have engine out so checked the clutch, mechanic could not believe that it has done that milage, seriously looks almost new. clutch has had a better feel than the factory clutch from day one, not at all heavy pedal like oldskool heavy-duty clutches. top bloke, top service, and the best products 👍

Fraser Benton Avatar
Fraser Benton

Ordered TD5 SMF complete kit, turned up swiftly and everything looks very high quality. Had a slight defect with one of the flywheel bolt nothing that could have been avoided contacted Luke and a new set of bolts were shipped next day. Definitely recommend!

Harry Crane Avatar
Harry Crane

Well today I finally got round to fit the lof hd clutch i got last month and I couldn’t recommend lof clutches enough. Definitely be recommending them to people I know 5* plus from me. Thanks again for your help on deciding on what clutch luke 👌

Tony Fawley Avatar
Tony Fawley

Fitted the 10” Drums and shoes all way round on my 2A. Best brakes I’ve had in ages, no squeaking, stops as it should. Best on the market for Series, just need to start doing 11” stuff now 😉

Lawrence Andrew Maddison Avatar
Lawrence Andrew Maddison

Just fitted the uprated pedal assist spring on my Cummins converted defender. Can’t recommend it enough. Transformed the clutch pedal. So light!!

Gareth Brewin Avatar
Gareth Brewin

Excellent customer service and a brilliant product, very impressed! will recommend to everyone with a LR👍👌

Oli Sharpe Avatar
Oli Sharpe

Great experience of LOF and Luke who was always willing to offer some advise, even on weekends, simply that sort of service is rare as unicorn poop in the UK in my experience. LOF’s quality kit has made a real difference to my defender replacing both the clutch with an extreme unit and the output shaft. Would highly recommend.

Wilko Wilko Avatar
Wilko Wilko

Great experience and by far the best supplier from UK for my defender. Support is quick and technical. Thank you, Luke. Im a fan and can’t wait to install my Power spec clutch kit. Thank you

Dima Shakhmatov Avatar
Dima Shakhmatov

Can’t speak highly enough of the customer service behind this product. A no questions asked warranty replacement through if I’m honest no fault of the LOF clutch at all, proper product with proper support 🤘, Now running a LOF extreme clutch with a LOF master cylinder and pedal spring and its even lighter on the pedal than standard. Don’t mess around, just get a LOF 👍

Adam Pagett Avatar
Adam Pagett

Recently fitted the LOF power slave and power spring to my 2001 TD5. Makes a hugh difference. As someone with very little mechanical experience, I struggled through the slave cyclinder change and the instructions and video were really helpful. Fitted the power spring over the weekend and the 2 pieces of kit combined have transformed the feeling of the clutch. Thanks to Luke for superb customer service as well. Quick responses & always helpful.

Chris McGuire Avatar
Chris McGuire

Excellent customer service, Excellent product, Amazing delivery times, Lovely helpful people, I have fitted hundreds of land rover clutches and these really are top of the shop excellent quality as a Land Rover specialist I would highly recommend them 5* Chris Shwenn / Hollywood 4x4

Chris Shwenn Avatar
Chris Shwenn

Just had one of these clutches to my D2, only just had it fitted, by Blackbird, good service , and great advice and help from Luke.

John Bishop Avatar
John Bishop

Bought the LOF extreme output shaft after my OEM one shat itself on the highway doing 110km/h. My trusted independent Land Rover mechanic (who’s been working on Landies for about 40 years) said it’s one of the best after market products he’s seen. He said he’ll be replacing his stock of Ashcroft output shafts with LOF ones from now on. Shipping was exceptionally fast from the UK to Australia, and really reasonably priced for the distance and speed.

Nathan Gregory Avatar
Nathan Gregory

I’ve had the Power spec clutch fitted to my Defeder TD5 and I’m very happy with it. There are very helpful . Would definitely recommend them. 👍🏻

Davide Lipscombe Avatar
Davide Lipscombe

Very quick delivery, excellent products, Luke is a top bloke, very helpful on the number of occasions I’ve messaged him for advice. Would recommend to anybody. Thanks again Luke!

Toby Wooldridge Avatar
Toby Wooldridge

Such a helpful guy! Can’t thank Luke enough for the help he’s given me about what clutch to buy would 100% recommend to anyone!

Ian Hare Avatar
Ian Hare

i bought a vnt extreme spec for dual mass. + powerspring and luke guided me with excellent correct information and shipped it to me with the least possible time possible. these clutches are the best one can install on a landrover also the powerspring does the job perfectly. 5 star from me

Lawrence Zammit Avatar
Lawrence Zammit

Luke provided excellent advice when I bought my clutch kit and it arrived promptly and well packed. 6 months later he then went “above and beyond” when I emailed for advice on finding a rattle that I (wrongly) suspected may have been from within the bell housing.. although I had done numerous checks, he pointed out a number of other possible root causes and indeed, hit the nail on the head with a worn engine mount (TD5 Defender). Superb service, very helpful and knowledgeable!

Donald Cumming Avatar
Donald Cumming

A big thumbs up to Luke at LOF clutches! After getting into a bit of a pickle with parts I got in touch with him and he got them out to me within pretty much 24 hours. 10 out of 10 👍

Conor Stephenson Avatar
Conor Stephenson

Just replaced the front brakes on my Defender with the LOF RoadSpec kit. Very impressed with the service from Luke and with the quality of the parts. What was most impressive though was what the kit comprised of, absolutely everything you need to do the job down to every last gasket and clip. Would recommend to anyone looking to swap/upgrade their brakes and wouldn’t hesitate to use LOF again.

Andy Caton Avatar
Andy Caton

I actually purchased a PowerSpec kit from paddock spares.com. From time of dispatch to arrival in Tasmania via DHL was 6 ...yes 6 days. $200 for freight but it was worth every penny. the clutch!... well, it in and does the right things. I just want another 270k/km from it i.e. 2003 110 TD5 Extreme and a big thank you to Luke @ LoF for his prompt and courteous replys👍👍👍 Brian Macmichael

Brian Macmichael Avatar
Brian Macmichael

I have recently done q major engine overhaul. I put in a heavy duty clutch , seal , arm, kit the works. Service was excellent, delivered on time, perfect fit and performance. I would highly recommend it.

John O Halloran Avatar
John O Halloran

Just installed the defender clutch spring upgrade. Fantastic product! No more left leg workouts in rush hour traffic

Phil Pearce Avatar
Phil Pearce

fantastic products and service!! ordered a clutch kit from Luke on Thursday 4pm it was with me by 3:30 Friday !! . great company to work with !!

Jack Llewellyn Avatar
Jack Llewellyn

Just fitted the defender clutch spring mod to make clutch pedal lighter. Worked a treat. Helpful and friendly service as well. Thanks

Mark Leonard Avatar
Mark Leonard

Recently purchased ROADspec Td5 clutch kit had it professionally installed. Came quickly, great service and brilliant instructions. Feels phenomenal already!

Chris Gatley Avatar
Chris Gatley

Luke really helped me out yes i would recommend and he knows his stuff too. no more rakeway rattle single mass !!

Tim Newcombe Avatar
Tim Newcombe

10/10 service from the man himself! After getting in touch with LOF regarding a customers project Luke couldn’t have been more helpful in helping find the right clutch for the job! This wasn’t an easy ask either as the car is a rather large mixture of different cars, yet this seemed no issue and no more than 24hours later I was greeted with a lovely green box of goodies (including all fittings and accessories I needed which again was a muddle from the start) which all fitted perfectly with no issues! The result being a superb clutch which is more than capable for the customers needs and preferred driving style 🤪and best of all no difference in pedal weight at all! All in all a massive thank you to Luke and the guys at LOF for the A* service and products Don’t be shy give them a try! You won’t be disappointed!!

Austin James Avatar
Austin James

Great service and communication, product is great and the installation guide and video so useful. The clutch spring has changed my defender and proves to be one of the easiest, cheapest but best mods. Thanks guys

Matthew Cornish Avatar
Matthew Cornish

Ordered the heavy duty rear drive shafts they are very well made and only took me 15 mins each side to fit I have no mechanical experience just followed the instructions on the web site would highly recommend fitting these . I’ve also ordered the defender power master cylinder bundle which I will fit next week but again is very well made excellent customer service from Luke will definitely be buying again from him

Andy Grant Avatar
Andy Grant

positive review Very helpful team is very kind, a really heartfelt thanks!

Francesco Frazzingaro Avatar
Francesco Frazzingaro

positive review Delivered within 2 days, love the power spec clutch wouldn’t go back! Highly recommended 10/10 service!

Johnny William Bailey Avatar
Johnny William Bailey

positive review I had the rear heavy duty drive shafts fitted by my local indie, and they transformed my 110, no clunks, smoother off and on the power...I was shocked by the transformation, I'd recommend them to every Defender owner.

Mark Ord Avatar
Mark Ord

positive review Fitted a mt82 extremespec shaft into a Friends 2,4 Defender Puma. First impressions are very good, very fast delivery and good Service.
Greetings from germany

Daniel Mair Avatar
Daniel Mair

positive review Great customer service, high quality parts and all at a fair price. Helped me with with any queries I had and the clutch kit I bought and fitted has been bang on.

Nick Tyers Avatar
Nick Tyers

positive review Just had your power spring & slave combo fitted to the Alive tuned TD5; in an effort to save my crumbling left knee.
Wow what a difference ?

Michael Davies Avatar
Michael Davies

positive review Luke offers excellent customer services if you require any advise or further details he's more than happy to help.
Fast dispatch and reasonable prices.
His clutch kits has everything included.
His extreme output shaft is excellent quality with helpful instructions.
Other products I've bought include the assist spring, master cylinder and half shafts.
Will definitely use again. ?

Oliver Vose Avatar
Oliver Vose

positive review Can not fualt the service from the team at LOF never any issues always straight forward and 99.9% of the time parts ordered are delivered next day. Impeccable products and service.

Thank you LOF

Jay Tam Avatar
Jay Tam

positive review Thank you everyone at LOF for the speedy service,may have been a long wait because of COVID but once the EXT MT 82 output shaft was available took just 4 days from UK to Adelaide,Australia on DHL .quicker than any freight services between Australian Cities

Dave Price Avatar
Dave Price

positive review Purchased an LOF clutch for my Land Rover a couple of years ago and have been so pleased with it. Unfortunately the engine in the truck has now given up leading me to seek a replacement. I got in touch with Luke at LOF saying could he let me know how I’d go about purchasing some bits to transfer the clutch from the old to the new engine. He offered to send me the parts for free for which I am truly grateful! They arrived today and looking forward to getting the landy, and the LOF clutch back on the road again! To summarise, LOF - great product and great customer service! Thanks again Luke.

Josh Willis Avatar
Josh Willis

positive review Fit the POWERslave on my TD5 Discovery 2. Arrived quickly and it really makes the clutch feel light and easy!

James Lewis Avatar
James Lewis

positive review A couple of years ago I installed your awesome Td5 clutch spring to my 2000MY 110. It was great and as my daily driver it significantly improved the effort required to shift gears .

Today I installed the LOF slave. WOW! Not much to say but WOW! You got it right LOF. The combo spring and slave is an outstanding improvement on what JLR should have done in the first place. To quote Yoda “there is no try, do or do not”... Do this mod people!!!! You will not regret it.

Well done folks, thank you ????????

Kevin Newell Avatar
Kevin Newell

positive review Power master, spring, roadspec clutch, output shaft ect ect. All parts came with everything you could need. Excellent quality ! Excellent backup.

Fantastic customer service, great genuine advice from people in the know!

11/10 would advise their services. Super job from Luke and the team

(Clutch is now that light I can press it with two fingers !)

Dan Binns Avatar
Dan Binns

positive review I would 100% recommend lof clutches luke top lad and so are his lads and my truck has completely transformed with the pro spec clutch kit I can not believe the difference thank you lads keep up the good work

Lloyd Kelk Avatar
Lloyd Kelk

positive review Ordered Sunday evening here already top service as normal. Can’t wait to them fitted

Mike Neville Avatar
Mike Neville

positive review I would highly recommend LOF.

I bought the power spec SMF bundle. First time I did this job on a Defender (Td5) everything I needed was there. And Luke always answered when I asked him. For me it looks like good quality for the money:)

I did buy the powerslave, but have to bed in the clutch before installation. Looking forward to install that one.

When my brakes need changing, I would like to install the power spec.

Marius Fidje Hope Avatar
Marius Fidje Hope

positive review I’ve driven my Td5 Defender 110 (BAS VNT turbo, ECU remap, ..) for almost 1000km with the new LOF extreme spec SMF clutch kit fitted and I have to say it is just brilliant. It is great to see a product on the market that lives up to its promises. Despite a lot of Land Rover people here telling me not to do it, I am happy that I went for this clutch SMF combo. Firstly, there are no noticeable vibrations whatsoever. It is a very well-engineered product that gives me confidence for years to come. Also, the new heavy-duty clutch completely eliminated the slip, I experienced with the combination of the OEM clutch and my Redbooster unit; the LOF clutch and the Redbooster work perfectly together. I wish, I had come across this product earlier.
I was also impressed Luke’s quick response to my questions and with his advice.

Joachim Berger Avatar
Joachim Berger

positive review Absolutely great to deal with, they go out of their way to help and advise, I fitted a roadSpec v8 clutch kit and a power master cylinder, lovely result nice lite clutch, very ?
Many thanks to Luke and the rest of the crew

Simon Tripp Avatar
Simon Tripp

positive review Just had three assist clutch master cylinder fitted to my series 2 L
its fantastic so easy to use now

Nikki Holden Avatar
Nikki Holden

positive review After fitting many clutch kits for dual mass kits I couldn’t recommend Lof more. Luke couldn’t be more helpful. Recently we bought a defender and the clutch was so hard it in that it was unpleasant to drive. We fitted a lof master cylinder and clutch spring that made a huge difference to it. I couldn’t recommend them more.

Ian Stryker Avatar
Ian Stryker

positive review Fitted the spring today, the clutch was transformed to a human car clutch ? Great product!

Kjell Bencsik Avatar
Kjell Bencsik

positive review Great service and awesome clutch (Extreme Spec) with a super quick despatch. Luke was very helpful when I called with a couple of fitting questions ????

Dayne Smith Avatar
Dayne Smith

positive review Awesome support, just write a message and some one will always help you, we are based in germany and it's no problem with shipping.

Best products on the market! 5*

Niklas Wman Avatar
Niklas Wman

positive review What a pleasure it is to have dealt with Luke from LOF clutches we recently purchased clutches for my Defender 110 TD5 and my sons 110 and also new discs and pads from LOF all round as well, very helpful on the phone and parts arrived quickly as promised ?? and when messaged he responded quickly with all the answers needed, 10/10 keep up the great service Luke ??

Nigel Biggin Avatar
Nigel Biggin

positive review Fitted a powerMASTER to my 200tdi 90 - great piece of kit, clutch is unbelievably light now. Really nicely made aswell, billet cap to finish it off and paint finish is perfect.
Had a couple of questions re: best setup etc. and Luke was really obliging and responsive by email and got me sorted really quick.

Really can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t fit one of these to be honest. Clutch is genuinely ‘one finger light’ now.

Ed Combes Avatar
Ed Combes

positive review Installed the Power Master and I now have such a light clutch pedal. It’s amazing and probably the best addition for the defender! It’s now lighter than my other car which is <3 years old.
200tdi defender with the power master ✅ highly recommend

Rob Watson Avatar
Rob Watson

positive review Bought a powerspec clutch and flywheel for my D2 TD5 last year, luke is a top guy who is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The clutch a year on is faultless as expected. Cannot recommend L.O.F enough

Hugh Jardon Avatar
Hugh Jardon

positive review I have always found LOF Clutches to be very helpful and knowledgeable, even when it comes to unusual set ups and engine conversions.

Recently, I fitted the LOF POWERspring to my Defender Td5 110. After reading and watching some videos on youtube I was expecting it to be a struggle to fit but I couldn't have been more wrong. Follow the step by step instructions on the LOF website and use a pair of long nose mole grips and it is easy. I imagine without the right pliers it would be a challenge. As for the results- probably the best £20 I have spent on my Defender!!

Ben Allen- Somerset - Land Rover Defender Td5 110 with BMW M57 conversion & Land Rover 110 Perentie GS.

Benjamin Allen Avatar
Benjamin Allen

positive review I recently put a full POWERspec kit on my Defender 110. Great customer service and help from Luke @ Lof! Very highly recommend LOF!

Chris Hilton Avatar
Chris Hilton

positive review I recently purchased POWERspec TD5 solid Flywheel kit for Discovery 2.
After months of months looking at reviews, Landrover sites and many many internet pages...I decided to take the leap with this one.

I spoke to Luke and I can tell you now...this guy goes out of his way to help/support and answer any questions you have. I asked question after question and he was always on hand to answer, fair play!

I placed my order and within a couple of days the package arrived and was packed well so no issues of damage during transit.

The kit was easy to instal and everything that was required.
All parts are clearly quality materials- this is built to last!!!

Once installed it was ready to test- oh my!! This didn’t disappoint!!

The power is on the button and makes a massive difference from standard flywheel/clutch. It’s got more of a grunt to it when you push it through the gears...it’s sweet!!
No issues with vibrations and clutch pedal feels good!!

I have already been out towing and the difference is unreal!!

I would highly recommend LOF clutches to anyone who’s thinking of any upgrade/repair...you will not be disappointed!!

The quality and performance of the kit is outstanding and in my eyes my hours and hours of researching everyone company- LOF clutches are by far the best!!

The other thing that makes this kit even better is the outstanding customer service from Luke, I take my hat off to you sir!!

Thank you for making me my smile while I drive Luke!!

Peter Mark Edwards Avatar
Peter Mark Edwards

positive review Maybe you should expect to buy the best clutch kit around. No.
You're buying super fast service, top notch tech support.
The famous no-compromise clutches are included in this package 😉
5 stars 'cause I can't give more!

Marco Ubertini Avatar
Marco Ubertini

positive review Top quality service from Luke and dispatched on Friday here by Monday top service ?

Cheers for the freebie when’s the next one ?

Ryan Holley Avatar
Ryan Holley

positive review Great product, quick delivery, all fitted as it should and drives nicely. Thank you very much!

Simon Pollard Avatar
Simon Pollard

positive review Luke was so helpful, in diagnosing and helping me adjust Master cylinder issue.
Great service.
That’s all support Small UK companies!!
Thanks again Luke.

Liam Pugsley Avatar
Liam Pugsley

positive review Once again ordering from the premier clutch manufacturer, and now brakes also. In our own truck, and in customer builds, only LOF Clutches for us!

Kip Hunsinger Avatar
Kip Hunsinger

positive review The LOF product suite makes a monumental difference in the whole Defender driving experience - my left leg is all better for it!?
Luke was very obliging in fielding the numerous questions, as the set up was a non standard 12J-R380 Stumpy, but he was able to put together the ROADSpec Clutch kit & ancillaries, having it all shipped across all the way over to sunny Sri Lanka nearly 9,000 kms away!
The POWER-Spring & POWER-Master combination changes the clutch pedal feel drastically and it is quite the revelation ?
Wishing I had heard about LOF products sooner and looking forward to trying out their new line of brake products in the future as well ??

Devinda Fernando Avatar
Devinda Fernando

positive review Ordered Monday - Delivered and fitted Tuesday. Great service and the quality of parts was far superior to original and other aftermarket parts.

Landy Jack Avatar
Landy Jack

positive review Fantastic product and great customer service, even we’ll after you’ve fitted a clutch. Top guy to deal with and helped me out with my jays Lucas clutch destroyed itself.

Ash McCollum Avatar
Ash McCollum

positive review just received my new clutch kit form lof, was delivered within 24 hours of ordering it.
really helpful company, directed me to the right set up for the power output of my truck.
absolutely brilliant service
thanks once again

Jamie Bridges Avatar
Jamie Bridges

positive review Ordered a clutch kit for my 200 tdi from LOF and the kit and the service has been spot on..... thanks Luke

Superb ?????

Ian Staff Avatar
Ian Staff

positive review Just fitted LOF spring to my Puma Defender clutch pedal - simple to fit (hint put spring in a vice, tighten and the use plastic ties to keep it compressed before fitting, once fitted cutaway the ties). Clutch pedal much lighter now, smoother gear change.

Chris Easteal Avatar
Chris Easteal

positive review Recently purchased a PowerSlave, PowerSpring and Master Cylinder from LOF. Great products and Luke was loads of help from purchase to troubleshooting. Really sound guy and a pleasure to buy from, will buy from them again certainly!

Marcus Murray Avatar
Marcus Murray

positive review Fitted a lof spring in my puma today, I was sceptical at first as my clutch was relatively easy compared to my old td5 but it has made a noticeable difference. Definitely recommend.

Karl Jane Avatar
Karl Jane

positive review Bought for my Defender, straight forward to fit, clutch is now as light as a feather, well worth doing, would highly recommend, great company to deal with, thank you.?

Zoe Tanith Jones-riley Avatar
Zoe Tanith Jones-riley

positive review Recently installed my lovely new power spec clutch with updated release bearing and power slave to my Discovery td5. What a massive difference, got rid of my slipping clutch and my heavy as hell clutch pedal. Had great response and service from these guys thoroughly recommend LOF. ?

Hadley Fulbrook Avatar
Hadley Fulbrook

positive review Well what can i say! slave cylinder went on Wednesday night, ordered a new one from Luke thursday morning and delivered Saturday morning. 20 mins to fit and bleed with a clutch pedal like a car!! tpp products from a top bloke!

Luke Diver Avatar
Luke Diver

positive review Wow! Just wow! what a difference. recommend to anyone looking to replace/upgrade.

Barry Robertson Avatar
Barry Robertson

positive review Sehr tolle Produkte, qualitativ sehr Hochwertig

Mario Maurer Avatar
Mario Maurer

positive review Great !! I have fitted one slave on my D2 Td5 and it has transformed the clutch ?. great product and great customer service from Luke . ✌?

Bruno Matos Avatar
Bruno Matos

positive review Fantastic products, service, tech support and general advice. Luke and the team ran through our requirements for our D2 and 110 so we chose the correct products for the application. Top company. Arrived next day too!!

Chris Mccormack Avatar
Chris Mccormack

positive review I have fitted 1 of these to my defender and it has transformed the drive. It is a great product and great customer service from beginning to end.

Eddie Jackson Avatar
Eddie Jackson

positive review Fitted an LOF Clutch Spring in my TD5 110 - can honestly say it’s changed my world.
If they were double the price they’d still be an absolute bargain.
Used every swear word in my vocabulary fitting it too !

Mike Stark Taylor Avatar
Mike Stark Taylor

positive review Great service from LOF clutch kit sending out kit to SA ???

Clive Morgan-Davies Avatar
Clive Morgan-Davies

positive review I'm from Australia and these guys were so helpful in helping me get the right clutch for my discovery,
Would highly recommend,
So incredibly pleased by the Customer service I have received and the shipping
Thanks so much guys!

Jake Micevski Avatar
Jake Micevski

positive review I fitted the POWERspring Luke sent me to fit into my D1. What a difference! Loads better and a lot more drivable ? Only one place I’m going for the clutch for my engine conversion ??

Cam Haywood Avatar
Cam Haywood

positive review Quality products that work very well, would reccomend to anyone.

Chris Fulford Avatar
Chris Fulford

positive review Finally fitted my clutch. Very happy with the quality, great service all round!

Ned Eagles Avatar
Ned Eagles

positive review brilliant service very fast help would recommend to any one

Reginald Graham Avatar
Reginald Graham

positive review Cant fault luke at all ! Next day delivery and his customer service is second to none ! would highly recommend him to anyone wanting any clutch bits !

Jordan Wingrove Avatar
Jordan Wingrove

positive review ????? 5 Stars! Power Master works lovely and smooth along side of the LOF Spring I purchased before. Brilliant customer service!

Paul Charles Avatar
Paul Charles

positive review Td5 clutch spring! Wow! What a difference

Adam Simmonds Avatar
Adam Simmonds

positive review Recently made a few changes with my Discovery 2 TD5 (2003 facelift) - one of the changes I chose to do whilst it was apart was to fit a new L.O.F Clutch. I chose the extreme spec.


I can say that fitting was straight forward, there were no hiccup and since fitting I cannot tell the difference in driveability in normal driving conditions - Currently approximately 400 miles in.

I purchased at a land rover show, communication and technical advice was good and after sales communication was also good.

I would not hesitate to recommend and people concerned with making a transition from a dual mass flywheel to a solid should not be.

Brett Bedford Avatar
Brett Bedford

positive review Had a LOF clutch fitted a year ago. Pull heavy trailers and is an excellent clutch.

Just fitted a LOF clutch spring, must say it’s an awesome bit of kit. Made my clutch so much lighter. Luke replied to my message with in minutes as to tips for fitting.
Thanks Luke.

Tim Wells Avatar
Tim Wells

positive review Very pleased with the power spec clutch I’ve bought for my 300tdi very easy to instal and great quality of all the parts, very good customer service too!! 5 star all round

Henry Mock Avatar
Henry Mock

positive review LOF clutch pedal spring - well impressed. Completed fitting it today (wish I had a vice to compress the spring to zip tie it - took me 2hrs of potching)

Heavy duty clutch fitted couple years ago is now most certainly lighter, where feathering the clutch was quite difficult now easy.

Also big thanks to LOF for sending out a replacement plastic bush after I broke the initial one.

One mod I wish I had done sooner ??

Ian Thomas Avatar
Ian Thomas

positive review I would definitely very highly recommended LOF Clutches. I purchased a roadspec defender 2.4 TDCI clutch, mt82 output shaft and a few other bits back in September 2019 and the help I got from Luke was very good fast reply straight away told me exactly what I needed and told me what was the best clutch from him to buy for what the truck does. The delivery times are 110% as soon as i ordered everything and paid for it they were posted same day and arrived a day later. The quality off the product and the effort that has been put into everything is very high it drives like a different truck now. After about 2 weeks after i fitted the clutch the crank seal started leaking oil so I spoke to Luke and explained everything to him how it was fitted etc and fair play to him he replaced the crank seal free of charge and was delivered to me next day. I would definitely very highly recommended LOF Clutches and i will be back in the future for more of his products

Adam Pinder Avatar
Adam Pinder

positive review Just received the Defender Power Master bundle! Placed my order and two days later delivered! Top service and Luke was very helpful and provided plenty of advice. Cheers.

Alistair Newton Avatar
Alistair Newton

positive review just installed the power slave into my td5 and it pulls away like a dream...feels like a younger self. ? one very happy bunny

Becky Rollins Avatar
Becky Rollins

positive review Brilliant clutch kit and solid mass flywheel.
Couldn’t recommend Luke’s customer care enough. My defenders running a VNT turbo and is highly mapped and used for towing. But the clutch and power spring make light work of the jobs needed.
Look forward to dealing with Luke again.
Top work.

Jack Coxall Avatar
Jack Coxall

positive review Have fitted the clutch powermaster to my 1983 110 V8. after a bit of bleeding as I also replaced the pipe, it works a dream. my 6 year old son can happily press down. super customer service

John Thompson Avatar
John Thompson

positive review Luke got in touch with me yesterday after having issues with PayPal. Recommended I went for the new solid mass flywheel kit and roadspec clutch, arrived today and on first impressions the kit looks really good.

Looking forward to fitting the clutch and feeling the improvements

Tom Williams Avatar
Tom Williams

positive review Just fitted an LOF power spring. Excellent! Fitting took about 15 minutes including getting the tools. What a difference!

George Grafton Avatar
George Grafton

positive review I fitted a LOF clutch to my series 3 and it has been great. Excellent customer service and fabulous products.

Ann Mc Lain Avatar
Ann Mc Lain

positive review Purchased a clutch kit for my Disco Td5 earlier this year. Straight out of the box it's pretty obvious it's a quality product. Almost pretty enough to hang on the wall! Now I have the mechanical competence of a packet of crisps (ready salted), so I took it to my local LR specialist for fitting. They were extremely impressed with the overall quality. And since then it's been a pleasure to change gear! Smooth as silk and tough as old boots. Can't recommend LOF highly enough!

Neale Ford Avatar
Neale Ford

positive review Had lots of clutches through Luke now, the service is brilliant and the quality of the clutches is top notch you won’t find a better company to get clutches for your landrover ??

Josh Buckley Avatar
Josh Buckley

positive review Just finished fitting lof powerspec to my td5 disco .... great piece of kit well worth the pennies no chattering or stupid noises an its made a big difference 🙂

Cheers luke

Alan Andrew Franklin Avatar
Alan Andrew Franklin

positive review Numeri uno ??????????kit frizione spettacolare

Mario Cittadini Avatar
Mario Cittadini

positive review Service is exceptional, good value, product works, technical support is there is you need it (and I did) and delivery is great, no problem recommending to anyone.

Martyn Williams Avatar
Martyn Williams

positive review The POWERspring made a massive difference to my clutch pedal, not that my size13 boats struggle pushing it down ? I also doubt without it I would’ve been able to drive my disco1 when I sprained my knee recently! Super friendly online presence when I’ve spoken to them on Instagram.

Will Mellish Avatar
Will Mellish

positive review Fitted a power spec to my 200tdi 90 and it’s been completely abused for the past 6 months not missing a beat thoroughly impressed and looking to fit a power master soon!

Joe Roberts Avatar
Joe Roberts

positive review just had a power spec SMF td5 kit fitted and cant believe how QUIET and smooth it is. had an older smf from a different manufacturer for the last 2 years which gave nothing but gearbox chatter to the point where I was going to return to dual mass. really cant believe how quiet and smooth it is, pedal feels like the original. cant recommend this enough.

Noel Danger Smart Avatar
Noel Danger Smart

positive review I’ve just had a spring and full clutch package fitted on my Defender TD5 and O boy, what a transformation. The pedal is much lighter and the drive is so much smoother. Thanks Luke, a pleasure to deal with you.

Gerry A Annie Riley-Walsh Avatar
Gerry A Annie Riley-Walsh

positive review Ordered my powerspec clutch kit yesterday and it arrived today. So A++ in dispatch time, I also rang LOF to discuss a few things before purchase and Simon missed my call however, he swiftly returned my missed call and answered all questions I had about his product and made me feel very comfortable and said if there's any problems at all in the future he'd sort it with very much put me at ease that I'd chosen the right company. Could not recommend them enough! Keep at it Simon and the team ??

Craig Jones Avatar
Craig Jones

positive review Sent Luke a message and within 30 minutes had an answer and all the details I needed!

Order placed around 15:30, 10:00am the following day I’ve got my parts and what a piece the POWERmaster is! Fitted with a POWERspring it feels like a clutch in a modern 4x4!
10/10, couldn’t recommend highly enough!

Simon Gawith Avatar
Simon Gawith

positive review Bought the SMF and PowerSpec kit for my Discovery TD5. Very impressed, superbly put together kit which includes everything you need and it’s obvious from the machining that’s this is a quality and also a well thought out product. This is a heavy duty beast of a clutch, (just look at my picture attached of the old release bearing vs LOF HD bearing) what’s more Luke is very quick to respond to enquiries, so I can genuinely recommend a LOF clutch and I’ll be buying more goodies myself soon?

Steve Powell Avatar
Steve Powell

positive review Have had a LOF clutch fitted to my series 1 for a couple of years now, good value for money.

Mart Dunstan Avatar
Mart Dunstan

positive review Finally got round to fitting my power spec clutch and solid flywheel to my D2, what a differences it has made, the car drives so much better, very happy with the service and product , highly recommended

Aaron Dewey Avatar
Aaron Dewey

positive review great investment well chuffed

William Hoy Avatar
William Hoy

positive review very informative, with quick responses. very fast postage within 24hrs of payment. great product and lovely bit of service and kit

Adam West Avatar
Adam West

positive review First class service. Ordered late Friday and arrived first thing Monday morning. Can’t ask for more

Leigh Instone Avatar
Leigh Instone

positive review fast shipping excellent customer support

Filipe Carrageta Avatar
Filipe Carrageta

positive review Just fitted the lof clutch spring and what a difference it makes.
description on how to fit given by Luke at landrover show was perfect, but it is still awkward. but we'll worth the effort. what a fantastic and simple bit of kit.

Gary Mitchell Avatar
Gary Mitchell

positive review So following conversations with both my tuner and the guy
working on my engine it was decided the we should go for one
of LOF clutch kits we also discussed moving to a SM flywheel
but decided to talk to Luke first. From the first call to
the after service I cannot fault LOF or Luke in anyway, calls
answered, emails replied to, the service is second to non.

After a number of conversations it was decided the best
solution was to use the race ceramic paddle clutch kit with
the uprated thrust barring. As the clutch and flywheel had
only been replaced 60,000miles ago we decided to keep the DM flywheel for now and change to a SM next clutch change.

Install went ok with a little bleed issue quickly solved
with another call to Luke and I collected the D2.
After a month of driving and having had race car's &
race bike's with full on race clutches I was expecting some
issues using on the road. I was completely surprised, the
clutch is not heavy compared to the standard and while the
bite is sharp and lock-up is super quick as expected it now
feels just like a normal clutch.
Again I can't thank Luke and LOF engineering enough for all
the help and supplying a great clutch set up.

John Poe Avatar
John Poe

positive review Great bit of kit and cracking service

Michael Atack Avatar
Michael Atack

positive review Great quality parts and great quality service! Would definitely recommend!!

Luke Finch Avatar
Luke Finch

positive review Ordered a pedal assist spring and power slave for my TD5 Defender. Absolutely stunned at the difference in the pedal effort required. Much much lighter! I damaged a bush fitting the spring, one message and 5 minutes later returned call offering replacement bush free of charge! Order a D1 spring next. 100% recommend this place ?

James White Avatar
James White

positive review Thanks for the clutch and flywheel Luke, absolutely spot on, would recommend to anyone. First class service, products and advise. Thank you

Karl Puttock Avatar
Karl Puttock

positive review Had my clutch around a year and can’t recommend Luke at enough! Real helpful, quick delivery and now got the slave cylinder to fit. Can’t wait 5*

Taylor Fox Avatar
Taylor Fox

positive review Holy S**t the Power Slave is light! I bled the system and we didn't think that it had bled right the pedal is so light! What an improvement! Clutch like a car. This is what I have been looking for LOF! I love me Manual TD5 Disco 2 but always end up with a sore knee as the clutch is so heavy. Not any more. Thanks!

Richard Chilvers Avatar
Richard Chilvers

positive review Could not recommend enough , bought a lof clutch kit , clutch spring and slave for my defender 90 , and cannot belive how soft and easy the clutch is. 100% could not reccomend enough !

Denis Brays Avatar
Denis Brays

positive review 10/10!! Ordered the powerslave cylinder for the td5 Last Friday. It arrived really quick at the start of the week. I managed to get time to fit it today and the difference is night and day. Superb bit of kit, brilliant instruction online telling you how to fit it. I ran into a wee issue and on messaging Luke I got an instant response being very helpful and great advice, could not recommend L.O.F Clutches enough ?

Darren Brown Avatar
Darren Brown

positive review Great product and expert advice given by Luke‼️?

William Beets Avatar
William Beets

positive review Great service, advice and very fast delivery nice to have a clutch again!10/10

Paul Wildgoose Avatar
Paul Wildgoose

positive review Would recommend Luke to anyone , phoned him about a problem and he was fantastic and replied instantly and sorted out my problem. Service and support from Luke was brilliant!

Adam Lynskey Avatar
Adam Lynskey

positive review I bought the clutch spring for my Puma, very pleased. That said mega fiddley to fit using mole grips. However I ended up using my vice to close the spring to about 1 inch (carefully) couple of cable ties to hold the position. Then fitted it easy and clipped the ties - easy!

Andrew Davies Avatar
Andrew Davies

positive review Clutches top Quality.
Luke is a very serious guy who respects his commitments.
An irreplaceable partner for us.
Bull-Terrier Racing (France)

Vincent Bigorne Avatar
Vincent Bigorne

positive review What can i say Great customer service very fast delivery to Western Australia and a man of his word
What a top quality clutch and flywheel kit ??
And the pedal spring does make pedal lighter trust me even misses noticed a difference when didn’t even know id changed it ??

Dan Lockyer Avatar
Dan Lockyer

positive review Couldn’t recommend Luke enough, pleasure to deal with and was more than happy to resolve an issue we had. Support was superb, highly recommend. Best clutch I could recommend.

Sam Goss Avatar
Sam Goss

positive review Bought a POWERspec clutch little more than a month ago and wanted to give it a good run before I reviewed it. Such a smooth take-up, even when towing, no shudders or rattles. Kit came well presented, really good price and super easy to deal with. I hope I don't need another for a long time, but at least I'll know where to come when I do. Cheers

Braiden van Keule Avatar
Braiden van Keule

positive review Luke has been super patient and helpful picking the right kit. I ordered the POWERspring a few weeks ago and that has made a huge difference - talk about a bang for buck mod! Looking forward to getting my extreme spec clutch in!

Goose Carpenter Avatar
Goose Carpenter

positive review Bought a powerspec clutch and solid flywheel last week, fitted last Friday, drives spot on. I had no idea my dual mass was the cause of so many noises!! Great service and great product

Hamish Grundy Avatar
Hamish Grundy

positive review Just fitted the power assist clutch spring. What a difference and Luke was on hand whenever we had a question. When my clutch eventually goes il be purchasing one from LOF. Great company 5 ?

Jake Anderson Avatar
Jake Anderson

positive review New spring was amazing and installed quickly by the team.

Erik Ansell Avatar
Erik Ansell

positive review Where do I start! Fitted the assist spring to my Td5 90. Due to a left knee injury makes a huge difference can press pedal down with 2 fingers! Would recommend to anyone ⭐️

Ollie Aspinall Avatar
Ollie Aspinall

positive review Just put in my new Road Spec LOF clutch and output shaft to my tdci Defender 110 after months of putting it off! I wish I had do it sooner!! The difference is the amazing. Luke was so so helpful, super happy to discuss and advise.
Couldn’t be happier.

If you’re thinking about buying an LOF product... don’t waste anymore time.. you won’t regret it.

James Preston Avatar
James Preston

positive review Lukes clutch pedal spring works wonders in traffic !

Nathan Hardwick Avatar
Nathan Hardwick

positive review Fitted the lof clutch spring to my defender. As mine was a 200tdi I had to change the pedal box. I encountered an issue with my new pedal box (supplied myself) . But after a few messages (even though it was Sunday) his advice helped me sort it. Brilliant product and customer service was amazing.
Thanks luke

Jason Hill Avatar
Jason Hill

positive review Will not find any better product or customer service on the market regarding Land Rover clutch set ups!! Luke couldn’t do anymore if he tried to ensure you received optimum customer satisfaction. Top bloke and top product..... enough said!!! ?

Cameron Merryfield Avatar
Cameron Merryfield

positive review Best service ever, quick delivery 24h from Uk to Miami Usa, thanks @Luke for this amazing and quick service/delivery ... Next step i have to take my LOF clutch for my 300tdi from Miami to Morroco in my suit Case 🙂 hihaaaaaa

Sife EL Avatar
Sife EL

positive review Lad was brilliant over the phone, answered every question promptly. Delivery was quick and quality 100%

Highly recommend

Patch Thorpe Avatar
Patch Thorpe

positive review Finally got round to fitting a L.O.F Powerspring to my clutch pedal in my TD5 90. What can I say except get yourself on Luke’s website and get one ordered I think they are even on sale at the moment and I promise you it’ll be one of the best modifications you have ever done to a defender!

Greg Allsopp Avatar
Greg Allsopp

positive review Fitted the power spring a couple of weeks ago. Fiddly, but easy and definitely makes a difference! 30 minutes to do, I imagine if you fit others that time will come down rapidly. I had a query about the product and Luke got back to me in a matter of hours with all the help i needed. Great service. ?

Brendan Moore Avatar
Brendan Moore

positive review Just fitted a POWERspring supplied by @lof_clutches. The result is a much lighter clutch pedal and in return a much better driving experience.
Sacrificing an old screwdriver allowed a much easier fitting. See my Instagram page @LRC570

Michael John Saxton Avatar
Michael John Saxton

positive review Bought a clutch spring for my 2001 Defender 110 Tomb Raider and it’s really made a difference. So much nicer to change the gears and a joy to drive.

A little fiddly to fit but using the LOF clutch fitting guide it took me 8 minutes and wasn’t a hard job at all

5 Stars ⭐️

Richard Johnstone Avatar
Richard Johnstone

positive review Beginning of this year, i ordered a POWERspec kit for my 200 Tdi from Luke and had it installed together with a R380.
Massive improvement. Luke was very responsive to queries and proactively followed up.
Yes, i would recommend this to others!

Ruben Bholasing Avatar
Ruben Bholasing

positive review I don't need to write much for the review,
Its easily summed up.

Great customer service, really helpful regarding what i needed and would work best for me, fast delivery and a top quality product.

That been said i will anyway,

Spoke to luke through the week, before speaking to my tuner regarding what power i would expect to be achieving. Luke went through my options driving behaviour, use etc and told me what would work best for my requirements. I ordered it on the Saturday mid-day and it was with me by Tuesday.

They are a reasonable amount of money and you might be worried about postage damage especially if you are abroad, but it was really well packed!

Once id opened it i was taken back with the quality you could see straight away as the pictures show with the difference between the original and the new one.

But what i was most impressed with was the pedal weight its no different to OEM. I went for the ceramic option and was told by plenty of people it would be on or off and harsh but in reality it feels no different to me.

Just got to hit the magic 500 miles of bedding in time and i can really get a feel for what it can handle, but with everything so far I'm not even slightly concerned.

All in all a real fit and forget product which is exactly what you want when the gearbox assembly is so heavy to manhandle out and in.

Thanks again,


Alex Marsh Avatar
Alex Marsh

positive review We’ve had an extreme spec clutch fitted to a TD5 90 since November 2018 in preparation for a Stage 3 map from Storm Tuning, we’ve since had a VNT turbo installed plus a bit more of a map and it hasn’t slipped once. Really good quality clutches and we have abused it. Easy to fit, delivered quickly.

We’ve also since fitted an assist spring and that was another transformation!

I’m not the sort of person that leaves reviews but LOF deserve one.

Tom Cross Avatar
Tom Cross

positive review I have one 110 with 2,8tgv gen2, renforced r380 and 1,22 lt230 and 37" tires. The 2,8rgv are tuned a lot so have changed clutch a lot because no one stand the challange of holding the torque. Some where around 450 NM.
Now I got the TGV clutch kit with heavy duty release bearing from luke and lof clutch. Now the worries is over. Easy to drive and holds every heavy pull I give it.
Tumbs up.?? Great service and quick respons .
Thanx a lot again Luke.

Christer H Solstad Avatar
Christer H Solstad

positive review I was very skeptical at first to fit the solid mass flywheel but I eventually decided to give it a go and I couldn't be happier with it. I fitted the POWERspec Solid mass kit to my Discovery TD5 and absolutely love it! Complete peace of mind as the parts are so much better over standard, for example the release bearing and metal clip. No extra noise or vibration, it just feels like pure quality. Luke was a pleasure to deal with and really knows his stuff. Highly recommended!

Danny Moorhouse-Wade Avatar
Danny Moorhouse-Wade

positive review Did the clutch in my 110 td5 and was pretty amazed with delivery speed and quality of all the items. The kit was very fine tuned for doing a clutch change. BTW the single mass flywheel works a treat!!?

Andrew Robert Howden Avatar
Andrew Robert Howden

positive review Just had a L.O.F Clutch fitted in my D2 TD5 and can honestly say it was the best choice I made.Top quality and highly recommend to everyone the difference is unbelievable ???

Joey Hutton Avatar
Joey Hutton

positive review Exceptional service to match a exceptional product.

Thanks for all the help Luke !

Jack Merner Avatar
Jack Merner

Even though Im not yet a customer but needed some advice. I was told to call Luke at L.O.F Clutches.
I called Luke and even though I'm not a customer he took the time to advise me on what I needed to do. not once in that conversation did he try sell me things or advise me to purchase their products to fix my problem.
he was friendly, honest and very helpful. Also at no point did I feel he was trying to rush the conversation because he wasn't going to make money out of it.
There's very few companies that willingly offer advice like this and that's why I say THIS COMPANY IS FANTASTIC.
I WILL be a customer in the future because of Luke's advice and help, when I do need a product they sell I'm not even going to look elsewhere.
I will use L.O.F Clutches regardless of price just because they obviously know how to treat customer well.
Thank you Luke.

Rob Carney Avatar
Rob Carney

positive review New clutch fitted and bedded in after 1000 miles...

What a difference, gave it a boot full on the way home today no un wanted slipping matched with sycro's center ATB it took off like a rocket in the wet. Love it

James Brunnen Avatar
James Brunnen

positive review Top service and Luke is a great knowledgeable person fitted the power spring 5 minutes of my life I’m not getting back after fitting my new lof Td5 smf Conversion

George Jeffcoate Avatar
George Jeffcoate

positive review Bought the spring assist kits to fit our td5s and the difference is night and day on the clutch pedal. These things should of been fitted from factory!

Joe Coldwell Avatar
Joe Coldwell

positive review brilliant little spring made my clutch loads lighter. 10mins fighting with mole grips and it's done. top service

Matt Allen Avatar
Matt Allen

positive review couldn't recommend lof clutches anymore awesome service and after sales aswell as an amazing clutch. definitely recommend.

Will Thomson Avatar
Will Thomson

positive review Needed a clutch pedal spring, gave them a ring and went to the shop, fitted and complete in 10 minutes with friendly staff!

Charlie Gulley Avatar
Charlie Gulley

positive review Bought the defender clutch spring - works fantastically - much much much lighter on clutch pedal - bugger to fit unless you use a vice to close spring and cable ties - pop in - snip cable ties - easy 5 min job - thanks guys - great bit of kit

Andrew John Avatar
Andrew John

positive review I couldn't recommend Luke any more if I tried !! he goes above and beyond regardless he helped me out but time and I cant thank him enough !!

highly reccomend any day A* 5*

James Holmes Avatar
James Holmes

positive review Great service sorted a clutch to local garage.

Gave loads of advise on the way forward and what was needed to be sure if no leaks

Steve Leonard Avatar
Steve Leonard

positive review Thank you Luke for all your help and fast delivery would recommend LOF Clutchs 100% looking forward doing business with you in the future Brian

Brian Cousins Avatar
Brian Cousins

positive review Very happy with both the service and product (POWERSpring) certainly a worthwhile upgrade and one of the most cost effective! 5STARS

Daniel Green Avatar
Daniel Green

positive review top clutch and brilliant service

Laurence Leone Avatar
Laurence Leone

positive review Just fitted the clutch pedal assist spring . It was a little fiddly but not impossible. I’m always a little sceptical of others reviews but I can say hand on heart it’s by far a must do modification . It’s like driving someone else’s truck. If you’re reading this to check it out . Get it done

Kevin Allbutt Avatar
Kevin Allbutt

positive review Top product with even better custmoer service.

Karl Auckland Avatar
Karl Auckland

positive review Ace product super service ?

Vincent Wood Avatar
Vincent Wood

positive review Just bought one of the new clutch pedal springs. I’m a novice mechanic and I won’t lie there was a bit of cursing going on while fitting but I got it in the end and for a few quid it is massively improved in my opinion on the original Land Rover spring. Happy customer ??

Ben Moss Avatar
Ben Moss

positive review Fantastic service, very prompt delivery. not to mention the support that is available with the very clear and concise instructions for the products. in particular the POWERspring I was skeptical on how much of a difference it would make but its a modification in my eyes that is well worth the money wish it had been available sooner.
I cannot fault the customer service in any way, Highly recommended!!

Thanks a lot Luke Fitzsimons

Jase Hall Avatar
Jase Hall