LOF is here to help with Brexit, making it as quick and easy as possible

Following the UK’s exit from the European Union (BREXIT) there have been some enforced changes to the way we do business with our European customers.

We have been working hard with our delivery partners at DHL to ensure that we keep additional costs and inconvenience to a minimum so we can continue to provide you with a first class service.

Here’s what you need to know;

You will no longer be charged UK VAT (@20%) on orders delivered to the EU – making your initial purchase on our site cheaper.
However, most orders are likely to attract VAT at the local rate at the time of delivery which needs to be collected by the shipping agent.

What this means to you
Before delivering your package our shipping agent (DHL) will contact you to arrange payment for any VAT due as well as a small fee to cover the additional administration involved in this process. Below is a calculator you can use to determine how much you could be asked to pay on delivery.

In simple terms you will pay

  1. Local VAT
  2. No Duty (UK made product therefore no tax to be charged)
  3. DHL Clearance (Around 14 Euros) 

Please note, in the 3 months since Brexit, we have actually found European customers can end up paying less for a product than if they were buying in the UK!

Post Brexit VAT Calculator

Please Note: This calculator is provided for information purposes only. Due to exchange rate discrepancies and local customs practices we are unable to make any guarantees to the accuracy.

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