Coming Soon: The all new LOF Brake Range

New for 2020 – introducing LOF Brakes, the ultimate brake kits for all Defender, Discovery and Range Rover.

For the last 3 years or so we’ve been producing the highest quality of clutches – helping all manner of Land Rovers go faster and pull harder.
As any cartoon superhero will tell you, “with great(er) power comes great(er) responsibility”.

So we decided the next thing to get the LOF treatment was the braking system. Our new range of brakes are designed for tuned, faster vehicles where the engine performance exceeds the stopping power of the original braking system.

Applying the same principles and technologies used in our LOF Clutches, we’ve developed a product with:

Better stopping performance
Quicker stopping distance
Reduced brake fade
Longer life

Developed with our customary minute attention to detail, our comprehensive kits are simply categorised and come with absolutely everything required.

We have kept our 3 levels of specification including the ROAD, POWER and EXTREMEspec.

So the idea behind the LOF Brake kits, is the same as our clutches, you will have everything required to complete the job in one big box, the idea here is that both Garages and Hobbyists alike won’t be waiting for ‘that bolt’ or ‘that caliper slider’….. They will have everything to do the job to a high spec, in all ROAD, POWER and EXTREMEspec Brake kits.

So what are they?

The ROADspec we have designed to OE level of quality,

  • OE spec Discs,
  • OE spec organic pads,
  • OE Caliper bolts,
  • Hub seals, the list goes on

at the ROADspec level the kit is not so much an ‘upgrade’ as more of a fully comprehensive kit.

The POWERspec is where the performance comes in, The POWER Discs are Dimpled and grooved to add braking efficiency, remove and pad contamination and also de-glaze the pads. Furthermore the discs come in a black phosphate coating, meaning not only do they look great, but they help with anti corrosion resistance and remain a ‘smart’ look through the alloy.

The POWERspec pads are an upgraded pad, still made of organic friction material, but with a higher coefficient of friction, leading to shorter stopping distance, longer wear life, and reducing the chance of brake fade. We have made sure that the POWERspec pads will operate in all climates, unlike other performance pads that have reduced performance when cold, the POWERspec pads have an equal balance of reliability vs performance!

The EXTREMEspec Brake kit from LOF is currently only available for Defender front, this kit includes the following:

  • 345mm Large discs, Drilled, grooved and vented (18″ wheels minimum required,)
  • POWERspec LOF Pads (much larger than OE spec Pads)
  • Adapter bells for discs to fit hubs
  • Adapter brackets to mount LOF Calipers radially to the Defender axle casing
  • LOF Brake lines to mount into the existing chassis mounts
  • Also included in the kit is a full hub seal/ calliper bolt/ flange seal gasket set, ceratech grease etc!



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