Calling all Defender owners: STOP THAT CLUNKING!

October 24, 2020

Calling all Defender drivers, do you have a nasty clunk when pulling off?
Stop that CLUNK!



LOF Solution shown above!

We have found a lot of Defender drivers complain about the awful back-lash in their drive train, leading to clunks and clangs when setting off!

We thought we could explain two common areas that are easily fixed, which we have solutions for!

1. Rear Drive flanges on the axle, these are common, they wear the spline, not lubricated and end up causing total loss of drive if left too long (shown top right) The solution was easy, resort back to older designs and eliminate the spline using a solid one piece shaft as shown in the bottom right photo! Real easy job to do, wheels off, undo 5x 17mm head drive flange bolts, slide it out, slide the new one in! (Tools needed: Jack, wheel brace, 17mm socket, RTV Silicone)
LOF single piece half shafts here >

2. Puma/ TDCI owners will also have a lot of back lash in the drive train from the connection shaft between the MT82 gearbox, and the LT230 Transfer box (commonly called the output shaft) These tend to wear out around 60-90k miles and leave the vehicle with no drive (shown top left). The reason these fail is because they are a male and female spline, which was not commonly greased on the LR production line. Metal on metal contact leads to premature failure!
The solution? LOF have designed a single shaft for here also, this ‘EXTREMEspec output shaft’ fits all 2.4 and 2.2 TDCI Defenders (shown bottom left). We designed this shaft due to hearing of so many failures of the existing model! Once designed the first batch were sold last month, WOW the feedback has been great, not even any teething queries! The LOF shaft will be back in stock in November, but until then you can sign upto our email on the product page to get instant information of when it becomes available!

LOF EXTREMEspec MT82 output shaft here>

We hope this has been helpful! In addition here is some other parts that can cause a clunk:

1. The Front and rear differential (most common for them to have a lot of backlash on TDCI vehicles
2. Front drive flanges (same principal, best to change like for like with plenty of EP2 grease!)
3. Propshaft UJ’s, easy to check by twisting by hand, we always suggest refreshing the whole pro-shaft rather than rebuilding as it is cheap and easier!

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